Emergency Medicine Mon 16 August 2021 Evaluation and appraisal of triage protocol of aiims in terms of mortality
Researcher : Satish kumar singh
Research Guide : L r murmu
Institution Name : All india institute of medical sciences new delhi india


Background: As a high volume ED, in terms of patients footfall , its very important to short out patients based on their severity of clinical status so that urgency can be decided to which patients should get urgent or who should get emergent treatment or care in the ED. Methods: We have recruited 15505 Red and Yellow patients according to our AIIMS Triage Protocol and analyzed data in the form of mortality at 24-hours as outcome and 24-hours and 1-week as ICU admission , ward admission and mortality. Results: Diagnostic statistics of ATP Red criteria for disposition at 24-hours - Presence of one or more ATP ‘Red’ criteria was 96.2% (95%CI:94.42%– 97.47%) sensitive and 56.8% (95%CI:55.92% – 57.63%) specific in predicting 24-hour mortality. The positive predictive value (PPV), negative predictive value (NPV), positive (PLR) and negative likelihood ratios (NLR) for 24-hour mortality prediction were 10.3%, 99.7%, 2.22 and 0.07, respectively. Similarly, the sensitivity and specificity of ATP ‘Red’ criteria for 24-hour ICU admission were 98.5% (95%CI:97.7% – 99.1%) and 59.6% (95%CI:58.8% - 60.5%), respectively. Conclusion:The result at 24-hours follow shows that ATP is very good in predicting mortality and ICU admission at 24-hours.

DOI: 1629102861   Year of publication: 2021

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