Emergency Medicine Fri 02 June 2023 Ultrasonography to confirm endotracheal tube position in the emergency department
Keywords :  EttConfirmationUsgLungNeck 
Researcher : Abraham nirmal peter
Research Guide : David suresh samuel
Institution Name : Pushpagiri institute of medical sciences and research centre tiruvalla, kerala


Background: Endotracheal intubation is a frequently performed procedure in an emergency department. 5-point auscultation along with continuous waveform capnography is considered as the gold standard method of confirming tracheal placement of ETT. Post-intubation chest radiography to confirm the location of ETT above the carina is the gold standard for secondary confirmation of ETT position. Aim This study aims at finding the diagnostic accuracy of ultrasonography in confirming ETT position as compared with the gold standard. Methods: This single centered descriptive study with diagnostic test evaluation over a period of 1 year recruited 78 patients by consecutive sampling. Following intubation, confirmation of the ETT position was done by the treating physician using the gold standard method. The investigator checked the ETT position using ultrasonography of neck and lung. This was followed by Chest X-ray. Sensitivity, Specificity, Positive productive value, Negative productive value and accuracy was calculated. Results: 78 patients were studied. USG Neck was able to identify all cases of tracheal and esophageal intubation correctly thus having diagnostic accuracy of 100 %. USG lung was able to identify all cases of tracheal and esophageal intubation correctly, having an accuracy of 100 %. The sensitivity, specificity, PPV and NPV is 100%. USG lung was able to identify all cases of tracheal intubations with ETT position above carina and right bronchus correctly thus having a diagnostic accuracy of 100 %. The sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value is 100% Conclusion: Bedside USG neck and USG lung can be used with 100% diagnostic accuracy in confirming proper placement of ETT.

DOI: 1685682969   Year of publication: 2018

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