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Pathology – study of disease -  is a very important pre-clinical subject taught in second year MBBS. It deals with causes , mechanisms , morphology , diagnosis , prognostication and monitoring of diseases. As a subject pathology acts as a bridge between the pre clinical subjects like Anatomy , Physiology and Biochemistry on one hand and clinical subjects like Medicine , Surgery , Gynaecology etc on the other hand. 

Information in field of pathology has grown so much over past century that it has become necessary to sub divide pathology into many different sub specialities like Histopathology , Clinical Pathology , Hematology , Immunology , Microbiology , Biochemistry and Molecular Pathology. These are man made divisions - essentially arbitrary - with considerable over lap with each other. For the undergraduate student , it is not essential to know each and every factual piece of information of this extremely vast subject. Its sufficient to have an overview of the subject with knowledge of the most basic , most indispensable information routinely needed in clinical practice – so that orientation to pathology lab work is maintained even when working in healthcare setup as a non specialist ( ie. doctor outside pathology lab ). 


There are numerous ways in which a Pathology teacher can do value addition to information already present in the books :

(1) Give an overview of each topic and orient student as to how details fit into this overall broad picture. This bird’s eye view is important to prevent undergraduate student from feeling lost in the jungle of information or drowned in the vast ocean of knowledge.

(2) Clarify difficult concepts

(3) Emphasize how pathology reports need to be integrated with clinical information of patient – the most important “clinico – pathological co – relation ”

(4) Highlight how pathology knowledge helps in delivering healthcare taking help of clinical situations commonly encountered in day to day practice.

(5) By subjecting students to periodic tests on topic just taught , coaching inculcates discipline of daily study and helps students evaluate how much of the subject they have understood. 


  • Course will start on 1 January 2021 and end on 31 Dec 2021. There will be total of 140 lectures of variable length . First lecture will be on 1 January 2021 ( Friday ) and last lecture will be on 22 November 2021 ( Monday ).
  • First 140 lectures covering the entire syllabus will be in form of ready made power point shows with voice recorded for each slide - there will be no direct one to one live teaching. Students may get their queries clarified by asking questions via e mail sent to
  • Lectures will be on Monday , Wednesday and Friday with a small test on previous day’s lecture on Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday. Sunday will be holiday. Test will comprise of MCQs designed in various formats. Student will be able to see his / her performance immediately after attempting the test.
  • Every lecture will be available for exactly 48 hours – beginning midnight 0:00 and ending exactly 48 hrs later. Thus , for example , lecture on Monday will be visible from 0:00 on Monday and its visibility will be automatically lost exactly after 48 hrs. This has been done taking into consideration various time zones of students from all over the world and the practical difficulty in teacher being present for 24 hours to take lectures at different timings suiting students from different time zones.
  • The last lecture ( 140th lecture ) will be on 22 November 2021 ( Monday ) and test based on this lecture will be on 23 November 2021 ( Tuesday ). Live lectures with actual interaction between instructor and students will be arranged from 24November to 31 December 2021 depending upon popular demand by majority of students.

  • Reference Textbooks for this course :                                                                         
 Harsh Mohan’s Textbook of Pathology and Robbin's Textbook of Pathology.

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