Emergency Medicine

Course Cost : 5134 INR

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Course Description

Course Duration: 52 weeks (Join anytime complete at 52nd Week) 

Reference Textbook:  Tintinalli Emergency Medicine 9th Edition.

Target Audience: Post Graduate Students of Emergency Medicine and Teachers in Training

Academic Honor Code of Conduct.  You as a student in this course are committed to learn with honesty and integrity. Reading and Studying is the commitment a student will offer 100%. Honesty to oneself and to others is the ground rule. Respect for Teachers, Time and Training is paramount.

Benefits Package which comes with GURUKUL
  • You have to read 40 pages a week 
  • Based on the 40 pages you will solve 25 MCQ based on the readings for that week 
  • You will get access to a recorded video lecture summarizing the 40 pages 
  • You will read the textbook in one year !
You will have 3 one hour LIVE lectures per week M-W-F all round the year which you can attend till you graduate. In one year the whole Tintinalli Is covered and cycled every year ! 

You have access to super mentors who KNOW EM. 

Many residents have benefitted ! 

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